Wow! what can I say, this man is absolutely brilliant.

“Peter Walker is widely respected and well-known as a teacher of Developmental Baby Massage. Peter has over 35 years experience in giving mother and baby massage groups. His certificated teacher training courses for Developmental Baby Massage are enjoyed by health visitors, nursery nurses, midwives, massage and many other therapists working with mothers and babies. These teacher training courses attract professionals from all around the world; Peter supports the parent–child relationship and the well-being of mothers and babies.

Peter specialises in working one to one with mothers whose babies suffer from Developmental Delay”

Peter grabs your attention throughout the course, I wish I had my camera rolling to capture the heart and soul he puts into his sessions, the role play, the story telling, the enthusiasm and the energy was amazing.  When Peter demonstrates how to massage babies, he really makes sure that you fully understand why it is important to follow his massage techniques correctly.

Peter spoke about his journey, where he came from and where he is now and how he has help 1000’s of families through infant developmental massage all over the world.  When I say he has passion, I mean it, Peter had me hooked, his stories was amazing, emotional and energising.  Knowing Peter have not only taught infant massage most of his life but have supported women though birth, raised his own children, 2 on his own and also supported his daughter though birth just like a Doula would (he held her space).

Peter has help disabled children to gain movement on a level that health care professionals said wasn’t possible, he shared his techniques with me, gave me tools for guidance to ensure that I can be the best Developmental Baby Massage Teacher, I can be.

Peter had a little quote which I loved (you can’t get a certificate form me that easy) which meant he wanted to see me massage those dolls (in class) just as he would.

Now, I am ready to take my Developmental Infant Massage Teacher skills to another level.

Do you know what infant massage can do for parents?

  • Helps to relieve any trauma from birth

  • Increase parents confidence in holding and handling baby

  • Promote strong bonds and attachments

  • Encourages parents to get more ‘in touch’ with their baby both emotionally and physically

What can infant massage do for your baby from birth?  

  • Helps relieve any trauma from birth

  • Encourages baby to open from a foetal position

  • Encourages your baby to relax more and help deepen your baby’s breathing volume

  • Promotes good posture by helping to strengthen baby’s back

  • Encourages baby’s to relax their tummy (an emotional center), to improve their digestion, disposition, relaxation and temperament

And the list goes on…….

To enquire on how you can book a group session, a private 1-2-1 session or a skype session with me, look no further, simply fill out a contact form to request more information.  You can also email me with your enquire at or call  0203 637 5712

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