Thoughts of a breastfeeding mother with breastfeeding issues:

Why is mums having to suffer in pain when breastfeeding their babies.  I mean the pain can be so bad that I think why would any mum want to put themselves through this.

Why is that mum over there feeding well, smiling at her baby and I’m in pain and thinking to myself when is this breastfeeding thing going to stop.   

Why should I have to suffer all this pain to give my baby the best? 

Why is my nipple bleeding, what is this?.. I can’t do this!

Why is my baby still upset at my breast when I feel like I’ve been constantly feeding him?

Why is my breast rock hard and starting to get red hot tender patches?

How am I going to look to others if I don’t get this right?

One of the big issues we have in breastfeeding is sore nipples.

I hear you, I feel your pain and I know sometimes breastfeeding can be difficult.  Breastfeeding is a natural way to nurture our babies, we think that it should be as easy as 1, 2, 3, but to be real with you all, this is not always the case.  It is easy to look at your baby and think he is feeding well until you start to experience breastfeeding issues like some described above.  I Just want to say that the symptoms described can be related to poor attachment to the breast.  I want to let you know that you can pass this breastfeeding issue with a little adjustment on how you latch your baby onto your breast.  I’m telling you from experience, a better latch can bring instant relief to sore nipples.

The most important part to successful breastfeeding is how your baby latches onto your breast, a good deep latch can prevent your nipples from becoming sore and help your baby to breastfeed effectively.

Just remember, it is your baby, your body and what others think has nothing to do with you, you can only be the best mum you can be, at this time of your mothering journey it is always best to have only supportive people around you, because your mental health matters.

Below you will find a video I made, with tips on how to get a deep latch for a pain-free breastfeeding experience.



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