I am happy to tell you all that Dancehall Doula Workshop will soon be accessible in the comfort of your homes.

For all the mothers who are out of area, at work and/or struggle to find time to schedule in your antenatal classes to help you get the support, education and reassurance you need through your pregnancy.  I have decided to put together an online workshop video which includes all the benefits from the Dancehall Doula Workshop, including access to the secret Facebook support group where you can privately discuss all pregnancy, birth and post-birth topics with me and your fellow members.

This online workshop will have dance moves, stretches, breathing techniques including downloadable affirmations and resources, fully giving you the best evidence-based tools to help you have a comfortable pregnancy, easier birth and ongoing doula support.

Check out this preview to the new Dancehall Doula Workshop video which will be coming out early in 2018.


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