Love your mother, as she loved your every movement while you was in her womb.

With every stretch you made, your mothers heart grew with the love she had for you, as you was her heart  growing inside her womb.

Love your mother as she loved you, before she saw your tiny beautiful face, your tiny hands, and feet, pressed against her as you twisted and turned inside her womb.

Love your mother.

Your mother fought for you before you took your first breath.  She held you, she caressed you, before she met you, she protected you.

Now that you are here reading this, your relationships may not be what you’ve expect, as life situations get in our way.  Just remember, your mother loves you, no matter what you do, where you are, you will always be in your mothers heart.

Love your mother, for you are her and she is you.  Love your mother as she has always loved you.

Love a mother, love a wombman, love your mother.

By Doula Ruth Dennison – inspired to write, after watching Beyoncé live performance at the Grammys 2017

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