I am very happy to announce I have completed my Doula training process with Doula UK and am now a Recognised Birth and Postnatal Doula.

It has been a journey for me after doing my first Doula prep course with Nurturing Birth facilitated by Sophie Brigstocke in May 2016.

I am very grateful I managed to find a great mentor like Mars Lord from Abuela Doulas, she has supported me through my journey.  If you know Mars, you know she don’t mess around and you are not going to pass your recognition until she is fully confident you can handle yourself as a Doula, she also made sure that I was strong with implementing my boundaries and realise how important self care is for me to avoid burnout.

Even though I had years of experience working in the maternity field, having a senior Doula supporting me on my Doula journey is just what any new Doula needs.  I also was able to attend 2 of her courses, Loving the Multiple Mama and the Abuela Doulas preparation course, this also gave me a good insight on how knowledgeable, experienced, down to earth and funny my mentor truly is.

Becoming a Doula has been a very exciting/emotional time for me as I have finally found my purpose.  I remember tears rolling down my face after listen to my mentor read feedback from a client of mine, learning how much I helped make a difference in their lives, is priceless.

Sometimes in life we don’t listen to our calling.  This is my calling and I am rolling with it.

Have a look at my mini video below showing different parts of my journey I managed to capture.


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