Arlene Dunkley-Wood


Arlene Dunkley-Wood has been qualified as Holistic Massage practitioner since 1987, and a qualified Cranio-Sacral Therapist since 2005. dip CHM TM, dip LDC, dip CCST, RCSTA.


What is Craniosacral Therapy? Craniosacral therapy is a light-touch, non-invasive therapy, which helps to bring the body back into a state of balanced health, so the body can work effectively to heal itself.

A skilled Craniosacral Therapist can use gentle palpation to diagnose held problems in the body’s systems and amplify the body’s healing rhythms to assist health.

The client often feels completely relaxed and calm after a treatment, and finds a deeper way of resolving the changes that may have taken place. It is a safe and effective treatment for all people of all ages.

Children and Babies

Birth is one of the most stressful and traumatic events for both mother and baby. The baby’s cranial bones are soft at birth, which allows the bones of the cranium to overlap, so it can exit through the birth canal. The moulding that takes place often releases a few days after birth, but sometimes patterns get held, especially if the birth was difficult, or instrumental delivery has taken place.

Even babies who have had a perfectly natural and straightforward birth sometimes manifest difficulties, which present as restlessness, crying, colic and unhappiness. A craniosacral treatment at this early stage can help alleviate these birth patterns, and babies have been known to respond well to treatment.


Mothers can have a stressful and traumatic time throughout pregnancy and birth. Many more women are having fertility treatment to get pregnant, which is not without its own anxieties and worries. 30% of pregnant woman have some sort of traumatic delivery, whether it be a prolonged labour, instrumental delivery or c-section. These life-changing events and decisions can impact on women in an emotion, physical and psychological way, and can have far-reaching effects for the mother, baby and her relationship with her partner. Craniosacral therapy can assist the woman in working through these changes as she slowly orientate to the new changes in life.

The whole family

This therapy is not exclusive to pregnant women it is a very effective treatment for a number of issues. Arlene works a lot with clients who have back problems, chronic injuries and various ailments, which sometimes seem unresolvable with conventional medicine.

Craniosacral therapy can help clients to feel relaxed, and in so doing assist their bodies to come into balance at a time of great stress.

People have found Craniosacral Therapy helpful for the following conditions:

Difficulty relaxing, Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Back Pain, Birth Trauma, Bone/joint disorders, Breathing disorders, Bronchitis, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic fatigue, Colic, Depression, Digestive problems, Drug withdrawal, Dyslexia, Emotional problems, Exhaustion, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches and migraines, Hormonal imbalances, Hyperactiity, Impotence, Infertility, Insomnia, Learning difficulties, ME, Menstrual pains, Muscular aches and sprains, Nervous disorders, Post-Dental trauma, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Spinal curvatures, Stress related conditions, Stroke, TMJ/jaw disorders, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Visual disturbances and more.

Uduak Udondem



My touch therapy in massage grew out of my birth doula work. I found the importance of touch to be very powerful to the labouring mother. I also really enjoy seeing how massage brought relaxation and relief to her at this time.

The benefit of Arvigo Therapy furthered my knowledge, understanding and respect about how wonderful the female body is. The uterus during its various cycles of a women’s life.

The work in my Arvigo practice explores women’s health issues regarding the reproductive and surrounding organs. The relationship with each other to brings balance and wellness the female at any time in her life.

The Arvigo™ Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ are founded on the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage which is an external non-invasive manipulation that repositions internal organs that have shifted, thereby restricting the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage™ address position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs. The work is best known for the correction of the prolapsed, fallen, or tilted uterus and for the prevention and treatment of benign prostate enlargement in men, as well as for relief of many common digestive disorders.

Benefits of Arvigo

• Improves blood circulation

• Stimulates fresh blood flow

• Energizes the uterus and Surrounding organs

• Tones the pelvic floor

• Alignment of the uterus and surrounding organs.

• Enhancing & connecting to your creative self.

Arvigo massage is a non-evasive external technique. Gentle, yet powerful in its aim of stimulation, circulation, energizing and cleansing. It also improves digestion and reduces bloating. Done regularly, this treatment supports women with chronic menstrual issues such as heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, clots, back pain and other related conditions.

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Claire Stiling



Claire Stiling – Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Based in Hackeny, London

I can travel to people’s homes easily, although would rather they are not more than a 30 minute drive ideally although not imperative!

One area in which Craniosacral therapy is most effective is in treating babies.

We think that babies don’t suffer from stress or strain; but actually, during the birth process, the baby’s head is forcefully compressed as it twists and turns through the narrow birth canal.

To allow that passage, the skull of a new-born is not a solid, bony structure but soft, membranes designed to adapt readily and pliably to the pressures of the birth process. In fact the soft membranes move and overlap called molding.

However, intense compression over many hours pushes the bones of the skull up against each other and distorts the shape of the head, especially if ventose or forceps are used.

This is normal, but if any of the cranial bones remain distorted this could have associated effects to the baby’s health, e.g colic, glue ear, la